The λamda Project
λearn the λocal
The λamda Project
λive as a λocal
The λamda Project
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Courses, activities, cultural excursions
and visits for students of all ages, all year long
Athens, due to its location, is an attractive year-round destination, full of life,
with several attractions ready to be discovered
The Lamda Project is the ideal destination
ready to combine knowledge and socialization
A destination solo traveler can easily choose and live the experience
from solo to become part of our team, have fun and gain
significant knowledge at the same time
The λamda Project
λearn the cuλture
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Learn Greek in Athens

The Greek language courses start at 10:00 to 14:00 every day, from Monday to Friday, with a minimum duration of 1 week. During high season and depending on our reservations, there might be 2 shifts (10:00-14:00 and 14:00-18:00).

If you already have a Greek language knowledge, you can start your course on any Monday and integrate to the already running courses. Otherwise, if you are an absolute beginner, you can join us on our official starting dates. Come to Athens, Greece and learn our language and culture through our several Greek lessons.

For face to face information, you can come directly to our premises from 10:00-17:30, Monday-Friday.

Learn Greek Now

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    Our Courses

    The Best Courses

    Why The λamda Project?

    01. Experience

    All our teachers are native Greek speakers with master’s degrees in teaching Greek as a foreign language, and are highly experienced in providing these lessons.

    02. Flexibility

    Learn Greek in Athens. Our lessons provide levels from absolute beginner to proficiency. We offer small group classes (maximum of 12-13 students/group) Please note that even if you`ll be the only student of your level, your language course will be exactly the one you booked.

    03. Full immersion

    We offer the most complete cultural and language immersion package: Courses, cultural activities, and tandem language exchange with locals for gaining the full learning experience.

    04. Quality

    We offer the greatest quality Greek language lessons, with the best prices and thrilling cultural activities. We succeed to provide a quality education through an interactive innovative educational process.

    In the city

    In the school

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    February 24

    Your new greek teacher in Athens or your new greek friend?

    Teachers are one of the most important factors in guaranteeing success for learning a language. That is why we are committed to providing you with the best qualified and the most experienced teaching professionals at our Greek language courses in Athens at “The Lamda Project”. All our Greek teacher Athens are native Greek speakers, experienced […]



    ``It has been an incredible journey with you guys: I felt welcomed as within a family, with the love and support that are fundamental to achieve the knowledge of a new beautiful and rich language like Greek. Thank you so much for everything! You gave me the basis on which I can surely build a new comprehension of the culture that I’m so in love with. And the possibility of sharing fears and hopes with other people like me is definitely precious, so you have the power of gathering a great crowd as well! ``

    Silvia Giovanardi

    student from Italy

    “Thank you for these past two weeks, they have been such a gift. When I decided to try and learn Greek in Athens, I didn't know what to expect, but what I found was certainly beyond my expectations! As I said before, I really think that you have created something unique, and you are an outstanding group of people. As a teacher myself, I know how, apart from the ``technical skills`` and the knowledge, an important part of our job resides in the passion that we put in it. Passion it's like the ``salt`` that makes the learning process easier. The students can feel it, and I absolutely felt it at Lamda: that's why it was such a pleasure for me to go to class everyday. Your language, your culture, your country are among the most fascinating and welcoming that I have ever came across. I really think that this is just a good-bye. And in the meantime, while I'm searching for excuses to go back to Athens, I know that you give online lessons too...!”

    Camilla Marchisotti

    student from Italy

    ``I am travelling to language schools for several years and the lamda project is definitely one of the best. Highly qualified teachers eager to identify my specific lack of language skills and able to support me, professional and very friendly staff and atmosphere, great location at the center of Athens with easy access. They have a free buffet on a daily basis with coffee and lots of cookies and traditional tsureki. I totally recommend it due to their professionalism and flexibility.``

    Alfred Schmid

    student from Switzerland

    What I can tell about the school is that it was great. I am a language teacher and I know about this looking at my 24 years experience in teaching, so you may trust my GREAT evaluation to the school.

    Clara Velez Latorre

    student from Spain

    I took a 5 day class during late December and early January. The class was fun and very valuable to my study of the Greek language. The facilities were very good and the teachers very polite. The class were from 10 am to 2 pm and went very fast. I was able to use what I learned immediately in the Athens which was fun. It was nice to be able to follow up my practice with the class the lesson the next day. I plan to take another 5 day class when I return to Greece.

    Kenneth Skroumbelos

    Student from USA

    ``A Wonderful Experience learning with others!`` The Lambda Project is organized, methodical, and well put-together. The teachers are friendly and personable and supportive of your goals. There were weekly activities to sign up for with others, and on breaks we all just kind of talked and got to know each other better. It was smooth and stress-free! Overall, I don't think I have a single complaint about The Lambda Project. Going to class each day was one of my favorite parts of staying in Athens and I would definitely love to come back and do it again someday.

    Joshua Hansen

    Student from USA


    Learning Greek alphabet is a crucial and even thrilling step in your way to learn modern Greek as a foreign language. Although, when this alphabet is unknown to you, it can seem frightening.

    However, learning Greek alphabet with our Greek language courses in Athens is far from being overwhelming. On our Greek courses in Greece, we are using innovative, interactive activities and learning methods based on each adult's specific needs.

    Because you can in our center of Greek language and culture lessons and courses in Greece. Μodern Greek language (eliniká) is a contemporary language and is part of the Hellenic branch of Indo-European spanning at least 3,500 years of written records. Still not convinced? Let`s give you some more reasons. A first reason is a love/friendship. Love is, in many ways a driving force of the universe, and it may happen one of your parents being of Greek origin or, why not, fall in love with a Greek. It’s a great gift to yourself to show to your loved ones that you can communicate with them in another level by knowing some important details of their native language (no, moussaka is not something important!) This is one of the many impacts of our center of Greek courses in Greece.

    Another reason to learn modern Greek language in our Greek language lessons in Athens is to go further. Travel on Greece or, why not, Athens specifically. So, what a great idea of creating a travel blog or insta stories with commenting on your new Greek language?

    The last one, learn Greek in Athens on our center of Greek language and culture in the way you can choose any other language. Because it is related to a whole new culture spectrum. In case you haven’t come across that information, Athens is a great city. The magic that lies around it is life in a constant move. While everyone can see the monuments, the ancient past etc., it is also easy to walk across small corners of modern city life in constant motion.

    Learn Greek mythology with your body, not only with your mind with our Intensive Greek mythology course in Greece (Athens)!

    Here in The λamda Project, we aim for a unique learning experience through our Intensive Greek course mythology programs occurred in Athens which is based ontwo pillars. The first pillar is the actual learning through our Greek mythology programs. Our learning materials, our specialized Greek teachers, our books and ourfull of mythology lending library. Here in the λamda Project, our school in Athens,Greece we want our students to scratch some of the surfaces of modern and ancientGreek culture through our Greek mythology courses and so we have put some extra“effort” on our Greek mythology courses. We organized several activities which wewant our students to choose in order to put their bodies in the process of language and culture learning.

    To know a culture, a great way is to walk. By walking in the city of Athens, a student will be able to see the connection line between the ancient tradition and the modern world. Athens is a city of contradistinctions but also there is diachrony always present. Diachrony (from δια- “through” and χρόνος “time”) is an approach that considers the development and evolution of a language (and other cultural elements)through history.
    On top of that, we have a guided tour to places where you can discuss modern Greek history and even ancient Greek philosophy and mythology. Walk on the same footsteps of Plato or to know what happened in modern Greek history is a life lesson for sure.

    The λamda Project @GOCCA Awards