1. What is the process for my enrolment to your school?

To enrol with the school, fill in the online form. The school will confirm your enrolment by e-mail. To complete your enrolment, you have to proceed with a pre-payment of 150 euros as a registration fee, an amount that will be subtracted from the total final payment.

In case you will book also accommodation, you will need to pre-pay the total amount of the accommodation fee, for proceeding to the necessary reservation.

2. Can I enroll at short notice?

Yes, of course. We accept short notice applications. You should fill in the online form and we will contact you for confirmation of available space.

3. Is it possible to stay longer than the booked period?

Yes, of course you can increase the period of your stay, through communication with the school. The school though cannot guarantee that you can keep the same accommodation.

4. Can I stay just for one week?

Yes, you can stay just for a week, although it is something we do not recommend for progress purposes to our students.

1. What are the available and proposed courses?

Greek courses in Greece! Our most common course is the Standard Intensive 20h/week for anyone delighted to learn modern Greek.

This will help you from the absolute beginning (on how to learn Greek alphabet up to be a completely efficient Greek speaker).

Greek language courses in Athens! The Lamda project, as a new Greek language and culture centre, would like to promote, with the combination of Modern Greek intensive language courses, deepening everyone related, to a holistic Greek way of life, thus we offer a combination of classes, cultural activities, and tandem-language exchange experience. This combination will help everyone interested in deepening real Greek life to succeed so, with the most possible, efficient, and productive way.

2. What is the minimum and maximum age to attend?

Greek language courses in Greece for all ages! We accept students from the age of the 18. There is no maximum age limit to attend.

3. How many different levels are available?

We offer Modern Greek language lessons in our Centre in Athens, at 7 different levels. From absolute beginners (A0) up to proficient (C2). The absolute beginners class is more frequent than the proficient.

4. How do I know my Greek language level?

Following your enrolment, you will receive our Greek language test via email. It will be examined by our teachers and they will inform you of the test results on your first day on our school.

5. When can I start a course?

If you don’t have any Greek knowledge, our recommendation is to start on the official starting dates (You can check them on our calendar). If you have some knowledge, you can start on any Monday (after our confirmation), although it is not an official starting date.

6. Can I start the course on Wednesday or Thursday?

It is possible. You can ask us for advice.

7. What is the schedule of the courses?

The courses start at 10.00 to 14.00 every day, from Monday to Friday (apart from bank holidays. Check our bank holidays here).

Our cultural activities are held from 14.10-15.00. Depending on our reservations, there will be 2 shifts, 10.00-14.00 and 14.00-18.00 (activities time schedule will be formed accordingly).

8. Are public holidays re-scheduled?

The lessons on bank holidays will be re-scheduled on another day or will be integrated into the schedule of the rest of the week (i.e. Bank holiday on Monday: Tuesday to Friday schedule can be formed as 09:00-14:00 or 10:00-15:00)

9. What do I need for my first class?

Nothing, apart from your positive energy. All the necessary material for your course will be provided by us.

10. Can I change the course if I feel that the level is not right for me?

If you would like to change a group, please inform your teacher and he/she will guide you accordingly.

11. How large are the groups in a class?

The groups are to a maximum of 12 students per classroom

12. What happens if the minimum number of students per group is not reached?

This is unlikely to happen, however if it does, even if there is just one student, the course will be held as normal (same price, same hours/week)

13. What time shall I come on the first day? What is the schedule?

Your first day of school you should come on 09.50. An email with all the necessary information will be sent to you, on Wednesday before your start date. You will meet the rest of the students and the Lamda Project staff, you will be divided into groups, you will receive the material and start classes at 10.00. You will have 50 minutes of lessons, from 10.00-14.00, with 3 breaks in the meantime.

14. Do you offer one-to-one lessons?

Yes we do. You can also have the possibility to share a private lesson with another student.

15. Can we build a group of our own and study together?

Yes, of course you can. Just send an email with your request and we will come back to you.

16. Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a Lamda Project certification on your last day of school, mentioning the exact teaching hours, level of the course taught, the length of the classes, the progress you have made and the level you have reached.

17. Are there other activities offered by the Lamda Project?

We offer free structured daily activities such as traditional Greek dance classes, workshops on different topics related to Greek culture and customs, Greek short-film screening day, Tandem- Language exchange activity, board games, conversational skills, etc.

Free Wi-Fi access to the internet, lending library, and cosy space for reading.

1. How do I get to Athens center from the airport?

There are multiple ways to get to Athens from the airport (metro, suburban railway, buses). We recommend to approach the centre via the metro. Please bear in mind that if you arrive after midnight there are only specific buses connecting the airport to the centre of Athens.

If requested, we can also book a pick-up service from the airport to the centre for you.

2. When can I arrive and have access to the accommodation, and when do I have to depart?

Accommodation will be available from the day before your course starts, (in most cases Sundays) until Saturday (noon) after the end of your course.

1. How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

2. How much and when do I pay?

To reserve your place, you have to deposit 150 euros as a registration fee. This amount will be subtracted from the total amount of the course.

The remaining amount must be paid at least four weeks before your course start date.

3. Why should I pay a deposit?

The deposit needs to be paid in order to reserve your place with the school.

4. What happens if I have to cancel my stay?

If you have to cancel your stay, you have to communicate this at least four weeks before the course starts. If so, your prepayment is refunded. If your cancelation will be communicated in less than four weeks before you join the course, no refund is possible.

5. Are there special discounts?

Regularly we plan special offers. You can visit frequently our website and/or of social media pages and find the most suitable offer for you.

There are further discounts for groups. The larger the group, the bigger the discount.

One discount excludes any other.

Discounts do not apply for accommodation, as we depend on the flat market rates.

6. What is your termination policy?

"Termination" means stopping or leaving all or part of the course or courses booked, including extensions, once the first class has started. In all cases, no refunds will be made after the arrival date listed on the booking confirmation form. Students who terminate their program may not be eligible to receive a certificate of completion.

7. What is the cancellation policy for online lessons?

The student will need to inform us, at least 24h before the scheduled class to not be charged and for rescheduling the course (without extra charge). Otherwise, there is a 100% charge of the course amount for last minute cancelations (less than 24h cancelation of the course).