In the city


  • Guided tour to Acropolis and classical Athens
  • Visits to museums and exhibitions
  • Thematic city walks
  • Athens by night (bars, clubs, restaurants)
  • Theatre, concerts and other events
  • Transportation to the beach for swimming (during summer)

In the school (included in the price)


  • Welcome event (on Mondays)
  • Traditional Greek dance classes
  • Workshops on different topics related to Greek culture
  • Greek movie screening nights
  • Greek karaoke nights
  • An “Athens by night with a λocal” project … a night out with one of our team members (anyone pays for his/her own order)
  • Potluck nights
  • Boardgames afternoons

During weekends


  • Festival visits
  • You will have the unique opportunity going to the theatre in the city that invented it, and seeing a play on Epidaurus and theatre of Herodes Atticus.
  • Excursions to close by destinations (depending season)
  • Scuba diving, trekking, rafting (all depending season)