As our main general goal for our students is to learn the culture and the actual local life, our activities focus on that specific purpose: to deepening on the authentic Greek life. We offer the most complete cultural and language immersion package: Courses, cultural activities, and tandem language exchange with locals for gaining the full learning experience.

Weekly activities schedule:

–  Monday: conversational skills
– Tuesday: cultural workshop
– Wednesday: Tandem
– Language exchange at a bar
– Thursday: Greek short film and conversation
– Friday: Boardgames


All the activities are: free of charge, are held by our team, and are in Greek. (Apart from Tandem-Language exchange at a bar, on which anyone pays for his/her own drink.) The activities are taking place every day at 14.10 (apart from Wednesday`s activity which is held at 20.00).


Note: there is a possibility of an activity time change in case of high season and/or a week with a bank holiday (as the time schedule of the course will adjust for the substitution of the lost day`s lessons).