Greek language immersion programs at “The λamda Project”

Are you interested in Modern and Ancient Greek Language immersion programs or Greek Philosophy, Mythology and History courses? Check out “The λamda Project” !


The Lamda (λamda) Project was founded in May 2018 as an effort to deliver high quality culture education by investing in a different understanding of what culture is. We offer Greek Language immersion programs and we adopt a modern language teaching program by using student-centered and interactive teaching methods from experienced and qualified teachers as long as versatility to our services. Our intensive language programs are developed in a way so that can fit to everybody but also to cover all the different and special needs.


Except for our Modern Greek immersion courses you can also learn Ancient Greek in Greece, in Athens at our Ancient Greek immersion programs. You have as well the opportunity to choose between several different options of courses related to Greek history and culture (Greek philosophy, mythology, history). You might be wondering: Why Socrates drunk the conium? Why did Hercules do the 12 Labors? What were the two main city states of Ancient Greece? Who won the Peloponnesian War? What is oligarchy? What Greek hero from Homer`s epic poem the Iliad, was invulnerable except for his heel? How many years was Greece under Turkish rule? What was the Socratic Method? When the battle of Marathon did take place? Who did Plato think would be the best ruler for society? What was the basis of the philosophy of stoicism? How did the Greek war of Independence start? If you want to know the answers to all these or other similar questions you can choose one of our Greek philosophy, mythology or history courses. We are not just offering Greek Language immersion programs, but courses, programs and workshops about the Greek culture and civilization in general. 


We are located at the centre of Athens and our aim except for our well organised Greek Language immersion Programs, is to merge the past with the present…to learn the actual local language, culture and society. Our goal is a profound and simple knowledge of Greek, through a friendly and professional atmosphere. You are going surely also love our cozy, modern, and alternative school, which is located at a neoclassical renovated building.  


Furthermore, besides our intensive language programs, as our Lamda (λάμδα) project aim is to λearn the λocal, consequently we are offering you a schedule full of optional activities and excursions, held in the afternoons and during weekends. This is a great opportunity to discover Modern Greek culture, cities, festivals, habits, customs… λive as a λocal. During the week and while you are taking our Modern Greek immersion courses or our Ancient Greek immersion Programs, you can also have fun by enjoying our various free activities: Traditional Greek dance classes, Greek movie screenings, Greek karaoke events, Greek drinks and snacks, city walks, museum visits etc. 


We ensure you, that if you choose to join our Greek Language immersion Programs, at “The λamda Project’’ in Athens, you will learn and feel the local element in all different aspects, you will learn Modern or learn Ancient Greek in Greece and you will enjoy yourself and have fun as well! 


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