Schools in Athens Greece: The λamda Project

Our schools in Athens Greece are the place that you will really love and wish to come back. You will feel it like home! 


schools in athens greece


The Lamda (λamda) Project was founded in May 2018 as an effort to deliver high quality culture education by investing in a different understanding of what culture is. We offer Greek Language programs, Ancient Greek Language courses and courses related to Greek history and culture (Greek philosophy, mythology, history) as well. 


The Lamda schools in Athens Greece  is located in the center of Athens, in a very nice listed and protected neoclassical building which was built in 1880 and was fully renovated in 2000. 


Besides the ancient Greek jewels, Athens also has a various collection of neoclassical architecture elements around the city. Born in classical Greece, exported to Europe and reintroduced in the modern Greek state, Athenian neoclassicism gives the Greek capital a unique style.


 The history of Athenian neoclassicism takes us back to the years of the rebirth of the ancient city, after the Occupation from the Turks and the War of Independence in the third decade of the 19th century, and it had a strongly symbolic character: it echoed the romantic idea that modern Greece were the direct descendant and natural heir of ancient Greece.


The idea was that Athens should become a city to glorify classicism. Until the beginning of the 20th century it was a purely neoclassical city. From 1910 and mainly after 1930, however, the modernist movement made a dynamic appearance, but it did not necessarily mean the influence of neoclassicism disappeared altogether.


Unfortunately, the greatest changes took place after World War II with many demolitions of “older” buildings and the construction of modern multi-storied apartment blocks designed to meet new housing needs and to face the economical problems of the society etc. 


The period 1950-1980 was destructive for Athens and the many architectural masterpieces. The image of the neoclassical city has changed. The mass destruction in such a short time prompted reactions from politicians, journalists and intellectuals, which in turn led to the drafting of a state plan for the protection of all important – both public and private – surviving buildings.


In one of these great buildings that survived are our schools in Athens Greece located and we are really proud of it! 


Our schools in Athens Greece aim, except for the well organized Greek Language courses, is to merge the past with the present…to learn the actual local language, culture and society. Our schools in Athens Greece neoclassical protected building is a part of the past, very admirable and beautiful. However, he have also tried to merge the past with the present, therefore we created a modern, cozy and alternative space inside our schools in Athens Greece, and practical spaces for the lessons or working spaces. Our schools in Athens Greece are not only a place that you will take the classes comfortably, but the place that you will enjoy yourself, you will have fun with us and your new classmates-friends, you will dance traditional Greek dances, you will drink coffee or some Ouzo and taste Greek snacks (even sometimes homemade from our mothers or grandmothers). You might watch a Greek movie at our cozy sofas, or have fun at a Greek songs karaoke event! You could just stay there with us after your lessons and chill or work with your laptop remotely. You are going surely love our cozy, modern, and alternative school, which is located at a neoclassical renovated building and combines the present with the past That is moreover the local characteristic of Athens after all! 


 In conclusion and in any case you will feel like home! We promise and we bet on it! 


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