I can’t express just how grateful I am to have been a part of The λamda Project Team

I can’t express just how grateful I am to have been a part of The λamda Project Team. Magda (Education Culture Center Manager) and Niko (Education Manager) were extremely kind to me and I am so grateful for all their help, support and encouragement. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and although I was alone in Athens, this encouraged me to make more of an effort to meet the locals and integrate. It is definitely an experience I will remember and I have learned a lot on both an educational and cultural level.

From the very start, Magda and Niko were responsive and available. Niko provided me with a lovely summary as to what the course would entail and looking back at it now that my course has come to an end, we completed everything he had listed, so I am pleased. They are professional, well-organised, accommodating, friendly, available and flexible in meeting the needs of their students. Also, it really meant a lot to me to receive a certificate from them, as well as all the course material Niko and I looked at together during our lessons. They offered me a schedule full of optional activities and excursions, held in the afternoons and during weekends. This was a great opportunity to discover Modern Greek culture, cities, festivals, habits and customs.
I would definitely like to re-live this experience again and take my current language level to the next with The λamda Project, thus I will be returning next year in order to attain Level C2 🙂 I’m confident that The λamda Project will help me get there!

It really was a pleasure to meet such amazing people who I hold in such high regard. I recommend the The λamda Project to anyone who would like to learn from scratch or improve their Greek language skills and experience the Modern Greek culture.

Michaela Antoniou

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