Learn Greek with your body, not only with your mind!

Here in The λamda Project, we aim for a unique learning experience which is based on two pillars. The first pillar is the actual learning program. Our learning materials, our teachers, our books and our lending library. These are the core elements of learning the basics of a language. But how one could dig deeper? In meanings, notions or even “textures” of words. Language, according to some linguistics scholars, is developed in layers. So, by “layering” we understand that new expressions carry the same functions as older ones and as a result, every new layer encapsulates older ones in new forms.

Here in the λamda Project, we want our students to scratch some of the surfaces of modern Greek language and so we have put some extra “effort” on our program. We organized several activities which we want our students to choose in order to put their bodies in the process of language learning. For instance, a great way to learning some words is by singing and so a karaoke night is there for you! Except for the karaoke, for those who feel shy about singing, we have a movies night, too. Watching films is something that makes people feel comfortable with each other and is always a great topic for conversation afterwards.

To know a culture and the language that supports it, a great way is to walk. By walking in the city of Athens, a student will be able to see the connection line between the ancient tradition and the modern world. Athens is a city of contradistinctions but also there is diachrony always present. Diachrony (from δια- “through” and χρόνος “time”) is an approach that considers the development and evolution of a language (and other cultural elements) through history. For example in the same roads where Ancient Agora lies in Athens, one can find today the most famous flea market and in walking distance the first parliament of the modern Greek state and the current one. This is a diachronic element which one can only understand in Greek language only by walking in the streets of our cities.

A friend of mine, a journalist, once told me that in every story she writes about tries to add an element related to food. Because people tend to memorize flavours in a more robust way than other types of elements (such as dates for example!). So, we have arranged some guided tours through the modern inner city of Athens, where the food market is placed, so to sit and taste things you will learn. For instance, you may feel brave enough to order spicy delis or traditional coffee in fluent Greek. On top of that, we have a guided tour to places where you can discuss modern Greek history and even ancient philosophy. Walk on the same footsteps of Plato or to know what happened in modern Greek history is a life lesson for sure. Also, for the passionate wine lovers, we also have a vineyard and wine tasting tour for you to choose.

But the modern Greek language is not only about Athens. It may sound romantic but once you get “baptized” in the Aegean you will be able to get something of modern Greek language and culture. For this reason, we have arranged for you many exploration tours. Swim in amazing beaches with crystal clear waters or even scuba dive, do cycling in forests and coastlines, hiking in near (and far) mountains and hills and so on.

The bodily experience we care about is here for you to plan. Along with your courses. Our aim is to stimulate your brain by adding information and input via every form we can think about. We want your afternoons and weekends to become full of adventures and learning outcomes. The only thing we want from you is your thirst for learning and to grasp every single opportunity we will give you so to sharpen your language skills!

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